Five reasons why men should find their signature fragrances right now

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New Delhi– The sense of smell is more than merely understanding complex fragrances. It is related to uplifting our mood and striking back some memories that we cherished ages ago. Be it the aftershave that our father wore or the perfume that our mother smothered us with on certain occasions, a distinctive fragrance goes a long way to be recognised even after ages.

Taking a cue from the same, the fragrance that we wear has a long-lasting impact on the minds of those who we engage with for a long time. It does the talking about our personality even before we talk.

“While choosing a fragrance, men tend to stick to one fragrance and merely experiment with new ones. They often give in to the fragrance used by most men or the newest arrivals on the shelves without understanding whether the fragrance suits their personality or not. Though most-used fragrances can be smelling good, they will not give you a distinctive edge in the crowd,” says Neeraj Bhensdadia, Co-Founder of Upsilon – a perfume brand in India.

“It hence becomes imperative for a man to have a signature fragrance to have the feeling of being arrived irrespective of the occasion. From being noticed by everyone in the room to letting you be in your element throughout your presentation at the occasion, a signature perfume has an array of benefits.”

Here are five reasons why men should find their signature fragrances right away outlined by Neeraj.

To smell ideal – All perfumes are certainly good-smelling but just like one size fits all approach doesn’t work practically, not all perfumes are made for the unique personality that an individual carries. There needs to be a perfume that smells better than them all on offer for the masses. One must go for a handpicked, select fragrance that is unusual to be picked by many, which of course, is in line with their unique personality traits. To be smelling consistent throughout the day, the collection must include the stronger concentration – Eau De Parfum. After the shower, moisturise yourself well and wear an Eau De Parfum with two or three sprays to keep the fragrance not too light or too strong.

Uplifts your mood – A perfume that goes very well with your personality will certainly help you keep your mood uplifted all the time. Out of the five senses, smell is the most powerful one. Given its complex nature, it is bound to surface underlying emotions and make you feel better. You might be using a particular fragrance for a particular occasion. Like, you might have used your signature perfume on your wedding day or any other occasion, and fragrances can trigger your best memories which will ultimately make you feel better and uplift your mood.

Boosts Self-Confidence – Just like how your signature perfume brings a sense of optimism within you by uplifting your mood, the change can be witnessed in your demeanour from the outside too. You feel more confident in your appearance and your element. To smell good is to feel good. While being noticed and complimented by others, you get this boost of self-confidence, the credit of which goes to the signature fragrance that you wear.

Turns heads towards you – How you accessorize has a certain impact on the people at the place where you are arriving. The feeling of being arrived and seeing most of everyone’s head turning towards you is cherished by everyone. Be it for your car or the outfit that you wear, the feeling is unique in its way. Likewise, your signature fragrance can turn heads to relish the unique smell and how it suits you. It makes you appear more attractive. It leaves a long-lasting impression wherein people even recognise you over time for smelling uniquely attractive.

Statement of Class – Signature perfumes are choicest like your select apparel, watches, and wine collection and hence are a statement of a class of its own. It defines how you are particular about presenting yourself in a certain fashion and engaging in only the best and rare when it comes to your collection of assets. A hint of your signature fragrance can speak volumes about your class and demeanour as compared to others.

Though selecting the signature perfume requires a diligent understanding of how you like to present yourself that sets you apart from the crowd, it is not necessary that they must be expensive to be unique. With the evolving consumer market and increased appetite for unique offerings, several homegrown perfume brands in India suit the needs of the modern-day consumer with a unique hint that suits their personality. A little research is all that’s required. (IANS)


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