After Opening First Mathnasium in Acton, Susri Anuradha Opens Second Location in Burlington, MA

Susri Anuradha
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BURLINGTON, MA– Susri Anuradha, who opened her first “Mathnasium”, a math learning center for children ages 5 to 18, in Acton, MA in 2015, is opening the second franchise location in Burlington.  The Mathnasium of Burlington-Lexington is scheduled to open on May 1, and will be located at 99 Cambridge Street.

(Photo credit: Jay Srinivasan)

Mathnasium of Burlington-Lexington, which will help kids in grades K – 12 understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them, plans to enroll about 1,000 children.

“We are planning to open at more locations, but we wanted to start first with Burlington-Lexington because we have some kids from the area who were driving to Acton,” Anuradha said. “It has been wonderful experience since we opened our first location in Acton in January 2015.”

Anuradha holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a M.S. in Information Management Systems from Harvard University. After a rewarding career in Information Technology, Anuradha followed her passion of “Making Math Make Sense to the kids” and opened Mathnasium of Acton.  Her decision to open and expand Mathnasium is driven by her desire to help children build confidence and excel in the subject she enjoys most – math.

Anuradha said that’s why she and her husband Sanjib Biswas have jointly opened the 2,000-square-foot Burlington-Lexington location.

Sanjib Biswas and Susri Anuradha (Photo credit: Jay Srinivasan)

Biswas holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT- Kharagpur and a M.S in Mathematical Finance from the University of Southern California. His deep interest in mathematics and its application in finance drove his desire to pursue his career in Quantitative Finance. He currently works as a Vice President in Risk Management. He has got involved in teaching mathematics to students at various levels and gives back to the community by getting involved with kids to encourage their interest in mathematics.

“If you love doing what you do, success will follow,” Anuradha told INDIA New England News.

With more than 750 centers worldwide, Los Angeles-based Mathnasium is one of the fastest growing education franchises around the world.


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