Plagiarism in Fashion needs serious attention

Nonita Kalra (Photo: Twitter)
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New Delhi–Is it right to imitate a design that inspires? The fashion industry is considered a province of creative and innovative individuals but there are some who opt for a short cut and start copying and this is not good for the industry as a whole, said a panel of industry representatives at during an interactive session on the issue.

Continuing its series of discussing a variety of topics and concerns, Oxford Bookstore hosted a panel discussion titled “Plagiarism in Fashion” where panellists including couturier J.J. Valaya, copyright expert Safir R Anand and Harper’s Bazaar India editor Nonita Kalra shared their views on the issue.

Nonita Kalra  (Photo: Twitter)
Nonita Kalra (Photo: Twitter)

Valaya feels that so many fashion weeks in India is one of the reason why industry is facing the issue of fake products in the local markets.

“This is serious thing. I feel any progressive country in the world will not have so many fashion weeks,” he said.

Valaya also feels that the real problem starts with secondary market which wants designer clothes but are not willing to spend that much.

“There is high fashion brand and then there is local brand. You wnat the same amount of work in less price and this is not possible. You want it to look as heavy as the original and that is where the problem is,” Valaya told IANS when asked if the designer should come up with a mass market range to overcome the problem of catering to the middle class.

Kalra agrees and says that its the buyers who are giving a boost to the fake market.

“I think its those who go to markets like Lajpat Nagar and ask for replicas. They need to be more aware that this is affecting the industry,” she said. (IANS)



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