Keep your woollens in top form with these easy tips

Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist, Voonik
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NEW DELHI– Winter is here and your woollens are your best companions during this season. It require extra care as the fibres are more delicate and are prone to being damaged very easily. Avoid washing machines to clean your sweaters and avoid hanging your sweaters for drying, says an expert.

Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist, Voonik, an online stylist-handpicked apparel store, has suggested some tips to keep woollens as new as ever!

* Use the right brush: Avoid washing machines to clean your sweaters as they may lose their sheen. Instead, use an electrostatic garment brush after every wear as woollens tend to accumulate a lot of dust and are vulnerable to moths. Airing them and spot-cleaning is another effective way to keep them new.

* Gently clean tough stains: If you accidentally stain your sweater or scarf, take it to the dry cleaner. In case the stain is not that tough and you feel you can manage to clean it at home, use a high quality detergent meant for woollens. Mix it in lukewarm water and soak your woollens in the mixture. Gently wash the piece of clothing with your hands. But remember to do this only for items that don’t come with a “Dry clean only” tag!

* Avoid hanging: Woollens should never be hung up on a clothes line like other articles as this causes the fabric to stretch and it may lose its shape eventually. Lay the sweater or cardigan on a flat surface and allow it to dry at room temperature. Steer clear of sunlight and intense heat as these can sap all colour and life from your precious woollens.

As they are really prone to stretching out of shape, you must also avoid hanging woollens on hangers in the closets. Instead, fold them neatly and place them.

* Don’t iron when dry: Woollens shouldn’t be ironed when they are completely dry as this won’t ease out the deep creases. They can also scorch easily under direct dry heat. Instead, use a steam press. If that’s not an option, wet a plain white cotton cloth very slightly and use this as a buffer between the iron and the woollen. It’s also advisable to keep the sweater turned inside out when not in use.

* Prevent moth attacks and germs: Wool is very vulnerable to moth attacks and germ build-ups. That is why it’s imperative to never stack even remotely damp woolLen clothes in your wardrobe as you will end up creating a breeding ground for germs. Remember to stash some moth balls in the section of your cupboard where you are placing your woollens.


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