Choreographer Karishma Chavan on being in ‘male-dominated’ industry

Karishma Chavan
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Bollywood choreographer Karishma Chavan, who shot to fame after her choreography for films like Tumhari Sulu and Veere Di Wedding, says being persistent about persuing her dreams or not giving up due to discouragement or rejection has brought her where she is today.

Chavan shares her journey with IANSlife, revealing how she got into dancing and how difficult it was to make a mark in a “male-dominated” profession. Excerpts:

How has your journey been till here?

Chavan: Long , tough, adventurous but definitely worth it. Like any other competitive field, the film industry also comes with its set of challenges. To survive in a male dominated industry is also extremely tough. But if you have the will, there always is a way. Hence I managed to survive.

How did you get into dance?

Chavan: I was a natural performer even as kid. Loved music, loved being on stage dancing. Hence my first school choreography was at the young of eight. I took it far more seriously when my dad sent me for Shiamaks Classes. I knew I wanted to become a choreographer when I was a student with him. Later I entered Bollywood as a back-up dancer at 18. The rest is history.

How difficult or easy was it for you to reach where you are today?

Chavan: I think no journey is easy. My 16 years from a dancer to a choreographer has a lot of hard work, meeting the right people and patience. If I wasn’t persistent about persuing my dreams or gave up from time due to discouragement or rejection, I wouldn’t have been here.

Did you face any kind of criticism?

Chavan: Criticism wouldn’t be right as much as skepticism. But none of it fazed me. Infact, it made me push myself harder to prove that I can do my job well.

How do you think Bollywood choreography has evolved over the years?

Chavan: The internet has made the world a really small place. Hence I’m not surprised that Bollywood dancing has also been influenced by newer, trendy dance forms. We also as talent are constantly exposed to videos and creativity emanating from all around the world. Hence, we are subconsciously including experimental steps or choreographies as a part of Bollywood.

Who has been your inspiration?

Chavan: Anybody who has unique styles has been inspiring to me. Whether it be Bollywood choreographers such as Ahmed Khan sir, Farah Maam, Vaibhavi Maam, Remo Sir or Ganesh Acharya or Hollywood artistes like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez all contribute to my inspiration.

What message do you have for people trying to make a career in dance?

Chavan: Be persistent and patient. If you have talent everything that is due to you will come in due time.

What are you working on next?

Chavan: Excited for my inclusive clothing brand as well as directing short films, film choreography and music videos. I want to do it all. (IANS)



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