Books This Weekend: Excitement of a crime thriller, chasing dreams and Ayurvedic diets

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Is your present lifestyle affecting your health? Learn the importance of an Ayurvedic diet for a healthy and happy life.

Then, a crime thriller that reveals the plot with the flip of every page; a girl’s plight in adjusting in a new rich city while chasing her dreams; and a young man’s tryst with fate and the unbeatable combination between destiny and desire.

There’s much that the IANS bookshelf has to offer this weekend. Read on!

1. Book: The Ayurvedic Diet; Author: Reenita Malhotra Hora; Publisher: Harper; Pages: 195; Price: Rs.299

Do you feel lazy, sleep deprived and tired? Have you started too much of unhealthy foods? Does your food habit often leaves you reaching for the medicine box?

Reenita Malhotra Hora’s book is a solution that offers a helping hand out of the negative cycle in three simple steps that teaches the basics of Ayurvedic nutrition. This is a one stop, easy-to-use, jagron-free guide to nutritional wellness and a healthier life.

2. Book: Doosra; Author: Vish Dhamija; Publisher: Rumour Books; Pages: 357; Price: Rs. 250

A jeweller from Mumbai is found dead in Belgium. The concealed camera could only photograph one of those involved in the murder. The case comes to India when it is found that a diamond purchased by the jeweller is sold in Mumbai.

Vish Dhamija’s latest book marks the return of DCP Rita Ferreira who is assigned the case. But when Ferreira and her team tracks down the man, they discover that a private detective is already following their target.

A biting, must read!

3. Book: Neti, Neti; Author: Anjum Hasan; Publisher: Roli Books; Pages: 287; Price: Rs. 350

It is destinySophie Das, a 25-year-old protagonist from Shillong, shifts to Bangalore in search of work, fun and liberty. Unfortunately, a horrific murder sends her back to Shillong, where her Hamlet-quoting father and religious mother are chasing their dreams.

Will Sophie be able to pull back from the brink and find herself a home? The book brings the vivid life of a young woman in a big city, accompanied by the wit, warmth and uncertainty of the everyday world.

4. Book: it’s Destiny, My Love; Author: Saurabh Leekha; Publisher: NotionPress; Pages: 165; Price: Rs.179

Following a broken love affair, disappointed with family and facing challenges at the workplace, protagonist Aditya transforms himself from a subdued individual into a rebellious survivor.

Will he be able to deliver his best? Will he be able to beat the same people who think he is a toddler? Will he realise his dream of acquiring a personal jetliner, a metaphor and a benchmark for pursuit of success?

Read this inspiring story to know!



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