Jewels for summer weddings: Pearl strands, multi-layered strings

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New Delhi — Ditch chunky neck jewellery in the scorching heat. Go for pearl strings or delicate multi-layer pieces when you attend a summer wedding.

Manju Kothari (Creative Director at Entice Jewellery), Rajesh Tulsiani (Director at Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers) and Chitwn D Malhotra (lead designer and founder Dillano Luxurious Jewels Pvt Ltd) have tips on jewellery trends that could be followed:

* Pearls can never go out of style and have always been a constant favourite adornment on weddings for all the right reasons. They balance your entire look with royalty and go well with all skin tones and wedding lehenga colours.

They are a meek epitome of a gleaming bead but without being overly dramatic, and are multipurpose.

* Multi-layer neckpiece will give you a completely traditional look on your wedding day and allows you to mix and match multiple elements to create a chromatic upshot that is uniquely your own.

Necklaces are always attention-grabbing. Lustrous necklaces will help you to enhance your entire bridal assemble and are easy to carry even in a warm weather. They can give you a variety of looks from simple and understated to perky and bling.

* Arm cuffs: Clutching up on the forearm, though tiny in size, these accessories make just as much of an impression with your other jewellery, foremost ornaments. Your choice in arm cuffs should be equally bold to balance your overall look.

* Head-turning earrings: They should be equally sparkly, but somewhat lighter in design to avoid a melodramatic look. With typical diamond or pearl wedding jewellery, a pair of elegant drop hoops will highlight the rest of your accessories.

* Opt for colours that celebrate the season and add a dimension to your outfit. Coloured stones and gemstones in various settings will uplift the outfit and add a splash of colour.

* Choose comfortable jewellery for hands. If haathphools are not suitable and it does not match your style, then go for chunky cocktail rings studded with coloured gemstones.

* Palm cuffs are also trendy and prefect to coordinate with summer wedding ensemble.


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