Indian Brides Move from Traditional Shades of Red to a Modern Mix of Colors

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WALTHAM, MA- Editor’s Note: This is the second in Desi Bridal News’s series on wedding preparation and bridal beauty in preparation for the 2017 Spring Wedding Expo on April 30, 2017 at the Burlington Marriott Hotel.

Aalok International Fashion owner and Massachusetts mainstay Pushpa Karna gives her perspective on fashion and preparing for a bride’s big day. Aalok is a Waltham, MA fusion-wear boutique dedicated to providing evening gowns for weddings, proms, galas and special events for men and women alike.

INE: What should a bride look for in a wedding outfit?

Pushpa Karna: Bridal outfits and makeup should be according to the brides’ personality.  The bride is always beautiful and special. This is a special day for her and every bride wants to look their best. And, the best look for the bride is one where her gown, makeup, hair, and accessories all bring out the best parts of her personality.

Traditionally, the bride has worn shades of red.  This is the color that is said to look very good with any complexion.  More recently however, we see white and red, pink and white, maroons and silver – there are many more unique combination colors now for a wedding outfit.

The bride can have a very vibrant look, or a simple and elegant look.  She can be soft with her makeup, or defined. As long as her makeup and outfit go with her personality, the bride will look beautiful.

INE: What are the latest trends in wedding fashion?

PK: The desire to fit a current fashion trend should not be the concern. This day is for the bride and she yields the power to create the fashion that suits her the most.  In fact, the marriage ceremony will be more fun with the blend of the brides’ own tastes.

INE: Interracial, interreligious and intercultural marriages are on rise- how has this changed the way expectant brides and grooms dress?

PK: Nowadays, there are many inter-nations, inter-cultural weddings. Couples are holding dual wedding ceremonies and everyone is enjoying various traditional and modern weddings. Brides and grooms are dressing in events to appreciate dual-cultures and traditions.

For anyone stuck deciding what to wear, I would advise asking their loved ones for help. Moms, friends, and families always have an idea how to dress their daughters for their weddings. Sometimes they have an exact photo in mind. No matter what the picture, the best image is one that makes the bride happy – and hence, the most beautiful.


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