About 600 Tamilians March in Boston, Happy With Legalization of Jallikattu

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BOSTON—Approximately 600 Tamilians from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut marched in Boston to support the bull taming sport Jallikattu in their native Tamil Nadu. (Photos: Krish Velmurugan and Raja)

“We are happy that the Tamil Nadu government has legalized Jallikattu now,” said Ramesh Kumar, one of the key organizers of the Boston march. “But we want a permanent solution. This is the victory for Tamil Nadu people and this is the first step to make this as permanent law.  President will sign this bill approve it and that would be next step. Jallikattu is a great celebration for all Tamils.”

He said approximately 600 Tamilians, also known as Tamils, from across New England states participated in the pro-Jallikattu march that was held in Boston on Sunday, Jan. 22. The march was organized within four days.

Meanwhile in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on Monday passed a law legalizing Jallikattu, hours after a police crackdown on young protesters at the Marina beach there triggered widespread violence.

The law replaces the Prevention of cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 that was promulgated to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act on Saturday. Tamil Nady Chief Minister O. Panneerselavam introduced the bill in the assembly. It was passed quickly and unanimously. The law seeks to protect Jallikattu from legal challenges.



  1. Hindus/Tamils want to revere cows as gods and prevent other religions from eating beef which was their diet for thousands of year, but okay to “tame” bulls which equals torture. Hypocrisy much?


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