Young Adults with No Kids generation spends weekends at theme parks: Survey

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Mumbai- Young adults with no kids (YANKS) in Mumbai and Pune are not all work and often seek holiday or weekend activities such as camping, trekking and visit to theme or amusement park, a survey said on Monday.

Nearly 70 per cent respondents agreed that visit to a theme park outranked other weekend holiday or leisure activity for them.

The next big thing for 55 per cent of the surveyed audience is watching movies as a preferred mode of holiday activity, said the survey titled conducted by Adlabs Imagica with Hansa Research that involved 3,600 respondents.

“Spending on traditional forms of entertainment by YANKS is not the preferred choice. They look forward to more experiential adventures like travel and concerts to enjoy themselves and company of others with incredible spends on entertainment which is a key trigger for theme parks”, Dhimant Bakshi, joint CEO, Adlabs Imagica, said in a statement.

Travelling is no longer restricted to a once a year activity as more and more people are preferring long weekends trips to break the monotony of their regular schedules.

Nearly 97 per cent respondents stated that mobile Internet has eased the information search process empowering them while 39 per cent of the YANKS relied entirely on social media, the findings showed. (IANS)


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