Tips to safeguard your bridal outfit after marriage

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New Delhi– Store your expensive and heavy wedding outfit wisely. Keep it away from moisture and store in a proper bag, says an expert.

Designer Shaveta Choudhary has rolled out a few tips that you can consider while storing you bridal wear:

* Don’t hang your outfit by the shoulder straps instead hang it by the loops located inside otherwise it will loosen the outfit.

* If possible when you fold the outfit, keep a plain paper in between the folds so the embroidery doesn’t get spoiled.

* Keep the outfit in a transparent cellophane bag as it is a natural barrier for moisture.

* Keep it away from harsh light as strong light can change the colours of the outfit.

* Dupatta can be done the same way and for blouses they can be hanged or folded away if storing for a longer time.

* Make sure to ask for extra transparent bags (self adhesive ones) from the store you have bought the bridal outfit.


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