South Asian Poets to Recite Their Poetry on Saturday, Nov. 5

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LEXINGTON, MA— A group of South Asian poets from New England will recite their poetry this Saturday in Lexington, MA, according to the event organizer Bijoy Misra.

The event will be this Saturday, November 5, at 2:00 PM at Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, MA, located at 1874 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA.  The meeting is scheduled in the Large Meeting Room in the Lower Level. For more information, please contact Bijoy Misra at .

Poem-misra-BijoyMisra said in a statement that the following poets will read in respective languages as indicated:

Neena Wahi  – Hindi, Sajed Kamal – Bengali, Rosie Kamal – English,  R. Balachandra – Kannada,  Bijoy Misra – Oriya, Rahul Ray – Bengali , Swapna Ray – Bengali, Chandu Shah – Gujarati,  Muneebur Rahman – Kashmiri, Dharmvir Sharma – Punjabi, Maya De – Bengali,  Alok De – Bengali, Amandeep Singh – Punjabi, Pallika Kanani – Gujarati, Preetpal Singh – Gujarati, Sanjeev Tripathi – Hindi,  Maneesh Srivastava – Hindi,  Rajesh Tyagi – Hindi, Amit Khare – Hindi.

Balachandra, Professor Emeritus from Northeastern University will preside over the meeting. The event is sponsored by India Discovery Center.

Misra said the format would be to present a classical poem from the language in choice and then offer a translation.  This is to be followed by an author written poem in the line of the thoughts presented.  The process would be a continuing project in order to create good translations and develop into a voice in the new land of settlement.



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