Gujarati E-Poetry event breaks the record on Zoom by 1,000 log ins

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BOSTON—Meghdhanush, an initiative by local poets and artists that aims at exploring the magic of Gujarati language and provide platform to local, national and International talent, broke the record on Zoom by 1,000 log ins for it E-Poetry event last Sunday.

Chandu Shah

It was the second zoom E-Kavita event with local, national and international poets. The event was organized by Meghdhanush in association with Gujarati Literary Academy of North America and TV Asia, with support from literary organizations from Chicago, Atlanta, Long Island NY, and St. Louis.

“The event broke all records. Slated for check in 11:30 am and Noon start, E-poetry on Zoom had a 1,000 people logged in by 11:45am, with many more waiting,” said Chandu Shah, a Boston poet and one of the organizers of the event. “The live Watch Party on FB was watched by hundreds of people, while the event was also broadcast live on worldbbtv app. After 3 and ½ hours, when the event ended all the devices still logged requested the organizers to continue.”

Meghdhanush held its first program on Dec. 1, 2019 which was a success in spite of a major snow storm.

“The life has become very uncertain in these unprecedented times where having live events may not be possible in the near future,” said Mr. Shah. “Thus the artists miss interacting with the audience and we all hunkered at home need some weekend entertainment. So Zoom has become a way of life.”

On Saturday April 11, Meghdhanush did first E-Kavita (E-Poetry) on Zoom. The event was instant hit with the audience asking for more such poetry meets.

This E-poetry event has inspired Meghdhanush and its planners, Chandu Shah, Sejal Kothari, Eshani Shah and Pulkit Shah to do more and plan to do different kind of programs in Gujarati in coming months.



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