Rapper Rishiking’s new song ‘Jai Hind’ gets 500k views within a day

Rishiking (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Rapper-composer Rishikesh Pandey, popularly known as Rishiking, has come up with a new patriotic number dedicated to the Indian Army and army officers, and the song has garnered 500k views on YouTube within a day of release.

Titled “Jai Hind”, the song sees Rishiking collaborate with Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Parikipandla Narahari, who has written the lyrics.

“I always wanted to compose a special song for Army officers. The Indian Army has always been at the forefront when it comes to serving the country. They protect our borders and eliminate militant attacks. They also work tirelessly during natural calamity like earthquake and floods. I wanted to acknowledge their efforts through my creativity,” said Rishiking.

Lyricist Narahari said: “It was a great honour for me to write a song on the Indian Army. They (Indian Army) have been doing selfless work over the years for the country. I am glad that our song has been released around Independence Day. I feel it’s the perfect time to pay tribute to the armed forces of our country.”

Narahari, who is Secretary and Commissioner, Public Relations Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, has earlier collaborated with Rishiking for socially inclined songs like “Ao school chale” and “Hai Halla” (the Indore cleanliness campaign song), besides “Helmet” (on road safety awareness), “Khelo Madhya Pradesh” and “Jai Ho: Corona Warriors” among others. (IANS)



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