Owning a car means more sex for millennials: Study

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Mexico City– Millennials, please take note if you are about to own a car (or if your parents are gifting you one on New Year) as this can boost your sex life too. According to researchers, owning a car gives young adults higher self-esteem, making it a status symbol that women find attractive, and fall for them.

Having a car increased sexual desire and the probability of having action between the sheets, reported researchers from the University of Colima in Mexico.

Owning a car early in life “can act as a sexual enhancer in emerging adulthood. Women still demonstrate a clear preference for men that possess or show the potential to acquire material resources,” said study lead author David Soriano-Hernandez.

For the study, published in the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy, the researchers asked 809 students aged 17 to 24 studying at a small university in Western Mexico about their sex lives.

The students were surveyed in relation to their sexual conduct, along with other socio-economic aspects.

The participants were then separated into two groups, one with cars and other without it.

Having a car increased sexual desire and the probability of having sexual intercourse at a younger age, of having more sexual partners, and increase in the frequency of sexual activities.

According to the researchers, having their own cars gives young men higher self-esteem and is a status symbol women find attractive.

Those with a car typically had sex twice as often, and with double the number of partners.

One drawback was that they were engaged in unsafe sex, the researchers said.

A car also makes it easier to get to places for sex and can be used at public places too, it added.

“It is not unusual for cars to have a type of erotic effect on their owners and spectators. Expressions such as ‘hot’, ‘sexy’, and ‘exciting’ are often used to describe automobiles,” Soriano-Hernandez said.

The study noted that the automobile can also act as a sexual enhancer in emerging adulthood, which should be taken into consideration in the development of sex education strategies.

Given that emerging adults in the study belonged to a vulnerable and psychologically immature group, future studies are required in other social groups to reach a broad conclusion, the researchers noted. (IANS)



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