Mouli Pal and AID Boston bring over 40 dancers on Sunday

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1602222 WILMINGTON, MA– Mouli Pal of Upassana and Association for India’s Development (AID Boston) will bring together a fresh take on the classical art form of Odissi with the production Sheva. Sheva will feature an ensemble of over 40 dancers across multiple age groups from the dance community of greater Boston.

Sheva is set to premier at the Wilmington High School on April 24th at 4.30 pm. To buy your tickets, please visit AID Boston’s website.

“Dance keeps me rooted and gives me inner strength and clarity in this fast paced world. It is a journey to evoke the deeper aspects of life, giving a purpose to my existence,” Pal said. “I strive to retain authenticity in traditions and techniques and yet evolve to remain relevant. Intrigued by Mother Nature, I am her captivated audience, observing her creativity, beauty and splendor. The interplay of colors, rhythm of seasons, diverse life forms fascinates and aspires me to create productions that raises awareness and respect for our environment.”

Sheva, a production choreographed in the authentic Odissi style, will showcase a contemporary concept t1601hat can be universally comprehended.

Pal, under the tutelage of late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and Nandini Ghoshal, has perfected her techniques and evolved the dance form into the expression of simple concepts of nature. With Sheva, she explores the interaction of the human existence with the elements of nature and is presented through a combination of poetry in motion, pure dance and traditional Sanskrit verses.

As the dancer attempts to realize what is most relevant to human existence, what is the key to sustain life, she tries to connect with each of the elements of nature, the Sun, Wind, Moon, Water and Earth and identifies a trait or blessing in each of them. Here the human consciousness is interacting with the elements and establishing a deep relationship with them and ultimately re discovering her inner strength depicted as “Sheva” Sankrit word for treasures, organizers of the event say.
Mouli’s work has been featured and showcased at venues in the US, India and Germany as she continues to take the art of Odissi to new frontiers.

A year in the making, Sheva is special to both Upassana and AID. For the former, this is the largest production that they have put on, while for AID, the concept behind this concert is one that the organization believes in strongly – the protection of the environment and sustainable development. In today’s world, with climate change being a pressing threat, it essential that we find a way to connect with the environment and nature and strive to protect it. AID Boston has a long history in supporting environmental rights, be it advocating for the rights of the Bhopal Gas disaster, the protection of grasslands in Karnataka or the promotion of sustainable agriculture techniques in West Bengal.
(Photo credit : Ashish Kirtania)






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