Men’s Wedding Bands: The Perfect Ring for Your Special One

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By Bill Williams 

Are women more emotional than men with wedding jewelry? The answer is no. Both men and women are equally emotional when it comes to getting married and choosing the right wedding band for their partner. There is a general notion that it is easier to buy a ring for a man. However, the truth is men are more particular when it comes to choosing what they want to wear on their fingers.

Get the perfect wedding band for your husband

Women love to splurge on their beloved.However, when it comes to the subject of a wedding band, they need to be extra cautious. The size of the wedding band matters, and if it is too small, he will say it is feminine. On the other hand, if the size of the wedding band is too big, he will complain and say it looks too conspicuous. The last thing you want with your beau is misunderstanding or disappointment before your big day!

Reputed jewelers understand this predicament and fully empathize with you. This is why they bring to you a wide array of men’s wedding bands for the modern man. They step forward is to help you choose the perfect wedding band for your man, and ensure that he is delighted with your choice!

Match the man to the ring

Eminent jewelers state that most women follow their intuition when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding band for their partners. They discover early in the relationship where the interests of their man lie. Experts suggest this is the key to match the man to the ring.

Design & appeal

Experienced wedding jewelry experts say that the design of the ring should complement the personality of the man. Most men believe simplicity in wedding bands will allow their true personalities to shine across to the onlooker. A man who is fond of style would prefer a wedding band with intricate designs. On the other hand, a simple man would like a wedding band with simple grooves.

Given below are some of the popular wedding band styles for the modern man today-

  1. Inlaid band- This wedding band has a minimalist touch of colors and contrast. The metal band is visible on either side of the inlay. The materials used for the inlay are carbon fiber or diamonds. The inlay may go across the circumference fully or in part with a pattern or a motif.
  2. Spinner or Tibetan Prayer Rings also called Worry Rings- This wedding band has both an inner and outer band. The latter band spins around the inner band like a prayer ring.
  3. Signet rings- One of the most popular types of rings that men have worn through the years. The ring has initials or the family crest engraved on it.
  4. Gemstones and diamond rings- These wedding bands have been popular across the world.However, when you are choosing the ring for a man, less diamonds or gemstones is the key. Most men prefer a sober representation of tiny shiny lights on their ring.

Therefore, if your wedding is near, and you wish to make your beau feel special, ensure the wedding band you choose for him is unique. Take time and match the perfect ring to your man.All the best!

(Bill Williams of Men’ is a wedding jewelry designer and specializes in male wedding bands. He counsels clients when it comes to picking the perfect ring for their beau.)


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