How to Throw a Virtual Wedding: A Wedding of Imagination

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BOSTON—COVID-19 has changed our life, work life, family life, social life, and yes even weddings. These adversities, however, make humans creatives—even when it comes to throwing a grand virtual wedding.

Tharu and Rishi Gupta, two high tech professionals in Silicon Valley, recently planned, organized and held their virtual wedding last month with about 400 guests form over half a dozen countries.

In an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News, Taru and Rishi share their virtual wedding story—from start to finish: creative elements, technology, streaming, virtual experience, cost and virtual dress code.

To watch the full interview, please click here, or on the image below.

Also, joining the couple in the interview, is Shuchita Rao, a Boston music teacher and classical singer who attended the virtual meeting from Boston.

“What was innovative about this wedding was the idea of engaging family and friends to be part of the virtual celebration via the reading of a play in English, authored by the bride and groom. It was mailed in the form of a book to the wedding guests ahead of time with instructions to open and read the play only on the wedding day,” says Ms. Rao, a music teacher and classical singer from Boston. “I thoroughly enjoyed reading the well written play script that walked me through the lives of the bride and groom, the flowering of their relationship, how they met, about their families and what marriage means to them.”



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