Bookends: Tips on a healthy diet, positivity of boredom and a tale of a father-son relation

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In an era when technology dominates life, health is often neglected. Here is a book that offers healthy recipes straight from the Isha Yoga Centre; another that revolves around the cauliflour, said to be the best way to lose weight.

Then, suggestions on how to act, react and cope when one is bored; and finally, a tale of a boy whose life gets entangled in a protest held in Seattle. There’s much on offer on the IANS bookshelf this weekend. Read on!

1. Book: A Taste of Well-Being; Author: Isha Yoga Centre; Publisher: Harper; Pages: 200; Price: Rs. 299

At a time when a variety of cuisines are easily available, how do we choose what to eat? Food products labelled healthy one day are abruptly dismissed as lethal, while crash diets and celebrity regimens are trashed by nutritionists.

This book brings together a wealth of recipes ranging from refreshing juices and salads to complete meals of grains, cereals and curries to tasty desserts – all perfected in the kitchen of the Isha Yoga Centre.

2. Book: The Cauliflower Diet; Author: Radha Thomas; Publisher: Random House; Pages: 205; Price: Rs. 299

The cauliflower is an extremely versatile vegetable that can blend into any kind of cuisine in the world. It is one of the best kept secrets in the dieting community. Cauliflower is an almost perfect substitute for several types of starch like flour, pasta, rice and even potato.

The book is a guide on how the cauliflower can be used in the preparation of all the things one loves – rice, upma, cookies and even pizza. Read how this vegetable even helps to shed kilos in a short time.

Bookends-Your Heart3. Book: The Upside of Downtime; Author: Sandi Mann; Publisher: Robinson; Pages: 319; Price: Rs. 399

Despite being constantly connected to technology, we hardly know what boredom feels like. Yet, boredom appears to be on the rise. One is loosing the ability to tolerate the routine and repetition of everyday life.

Sandi Mann’s book is based on ground-breaking research to tell you how to act, react and cope when you are bored. It explores the idea that there is a positive side to boredom that can be a catalyst for humour, fun, creativity and inspiration.

4. Book: Your Heart is a Muscle The Size of a Fist; Author: Sunil Yapa; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 308; Price: Rs. 599

Victor, the main character of the book, finds himself pounding the streets of Seattle with little meaning or purpose after he turns homeless following a family tragedy. His estranged father is the police chief of Seattle and is in charge of one of the largest protests.

In amongst the fray, Victor and his father are heading for a collision course. Set amid the backdrop of protests against the World Trade Organisation, the book is a deeply charged one, showcasing a distinct and exciting new literary voice.


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