Your smoking addiction might be a dating deal-breaker

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New Delhi– Finding a date can be difficult because everyone is so particular and set on what they want from their partner. Furthermore, if you are a smoker or addicted to other tobacco products, your chances of finding ‘the one’ are diminished. Smoking has lost its allure over time, but has this resulted in a decrease in the number of smokers?

Dating app, QuackQuack polled its users to learn about the effects of smoking on dating life. According to the survey results, 69 per cent of male users aged 31 and up are heavy smokers. Whereas 79 per cent of male users aged 18 to 30 are primarily non-smokers.

Tobacco addiction creates chaos in dating life

Forty-seven per cent of people have dated someone who has a tobacco addiction at some point in their lives. The topic of recovery seemed to be stuck in limbo more often than not. Twenty-two per cent of people admitted to getting into fights as a result of their partner’s addiction.

What women said

Twenty-eight per cent of female users stated that their dates were frequently emotionally unavailable due to their smoking addiction. They prioritised the substance they use over their relationship. Some of these women revealed that when confronted, their dates would try to justify their cigarette addiction by citing factors such as work pressure, family tensions, and so on.

Confessions of a smoker

Twenty-three per cent of men admitted to being addicted to cigarettes and other tobacco products but did not tell their dates. They are concerned that their smoking habits will cause problems in their dating lives. Even though their partners are unaware of their addiction, 12 per cent of these men said they are making an effort to quit smoking and have made good progress.

Dating a smoker is an uphill task

Twenty-five per cent of people between the ages of 25 and 30 stated that dating a smoker can be difficult. You might find yourself engaging in enabling behaviour. Continuous smoking can have serious health consequences. The majority of users who responded to the survey said they would not want to be in a relationship with someone who has health problems, especially if they are self-inflicted.

Deal breaker

Fourteen per cent of people aged 21 to 29 said smoking is an absolute no-no. When you start dating someone to find happiness and stability, it is not always a good idea to date someone who is suffering from an addiction. These individuals revealed that, given the possibility of relapse, they will most likely not consider dating anyone who is attempting to quit smoking.

Smoking will cost you!

Twenty-one per cent of people aged 25 to 35 reported changes in their partner’s spending habits as a result of their smoking habits and other tobacco addiction. It can be costly to feed an addiction. A cigarette a day costs a significant amount of money.

A Helping hand

While it is not their responsibility to change their partner’s habit, 16 per cent of women said they would like to assist their partners in recovering from tobacco addiction. They also suggested that you assist your partner in quitting their addiction for themselves. If they break their habit for you, there is a good chance they will relapse.

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “In terms of desirability, smokers are on the backfoot compared to non-smokers. According to our survey, there seems to be a complete reversal in smoking habits among users above 31. Not only does the pattern show the majority of youngsters as non-smokers, but they are also consciously trying to quit.”

For smokers and addicts out there, remember to ask for help. Addiction does not just ruin your dating life, but it also wreaks havoc on your body. (IANS)



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