Yoga not just about physical exercises, says Ravi Shankar, who visits Boston this weekend

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Brussels–Yoga is not just about physical exercise and it seeks to bring harmony in one’s environment, Indian spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar told the European Parliament here.

“Though yoga was born in the Indian sub-continent, it belongs to the world,” the Art of Living founder told European Parliament members as well as European Union officials here on Tuesday.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar-headshotRavi Shankar was speaking on the occasions of the International Yoga Day. He is visiting Boston this weekend.

“Is yoga only a physical exercise? No! Yoga is bringing rhythm in life,” he said.

“Yoga is feeling the connection with oneself. And with everyone around. Yoga is aspiring for the highest goal of the world as one family.
And unity with the infinity. It brings harmony in one’s environment.”

Participating members of the European Parliament included Geoffrey van Orden, Neena Gill, Jo Leinen, Nirj Deva, Jakob von Weizsaker and Cora van Neiuwenhuizen.

Ravi Shankar later interacted with Parliament members, answering their questions and through a guided meditation at the Yehudi Menuhin Hall.

Meanwhile, an Art of Living statement said millions from 156 countries joined the group in celebrating the second International Day of Yoga all over India on Tuesday.

A month-long free yoga camps concluded in all major districts of the country, it said.

Yoga sessions based on a common protocol were held in prisons, corporate offices (about 1,000 locations), on cargo ships, schools for specially-abled children, the India-Pakistan border, public parks and many different locations, the statement said.

Ravi Shankar will also lead a series of public events on the importance and relevance of meditation in the cities of Washington, Boston, Columbus, Minnesota, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, it said.


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