World looks at reformed India with renewed focus: Modi

Narendra Modi
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New Delhi– Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the world was looking at a reformed India with a renewed focus with global financial agencies and rating agencies viewing the country in a “very positive manner”.

Addressing a day-long conference of PIO Parliamentarians — Indian-origin lawmakers from across the world — here, Modi said the country had transformed in the past three-four years with hopes and new aspirations replacing the “chalta rahega” attitude.

Narendra Modi

This was possible, he said, due to the government’s far-reaching policy changes with the guiding principle of “reform and transform” that helped India shun the “jaisa pehle tha vaisa chalta rahega, kuch badlega nahi” (Nothing will change) attitude.

“The global impression about India has changed over the last three to four years. The reason for this is that India is transforming itself. The hopes and aspirations of India are at an all time high. Signs of irreversible change are visible in every sector.”

Pointing out that a record $16 billion FDI came into the country last year, Modi noted about how global financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Band and credit rating agency Moody’s were viewing India in a very positive manner now.

He detailed about new investments the government was making in the country in technology, transportation and infrastructure development “keeping in mind the needs of the 21st Century”.

“More than half the investment in the last three years till now has happened in sectors like construction, air transport, mining, computer software, hardware, electrical equipment and many others”.

It was the first of its kind event in which as many as 120 parliamentarians from 23 countries took part at the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra here. India celebrates January 9 as the Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas (PBD) to mark the contribution of overseas persons with Indian origin in building India.

Praising the contribution of overseas Indians in “influencing the geo-politics of where you live and how you are making policies”, Modi asked them to be partners in the country’s development and act as catalysts in its economic growth.

He said 21st Century was being considered the Asian century and India would be a major player and “you shall feel proud about our growth, hence inspiring us to work even harder”.

He said while many people may have left India over the course of hundreds of years, the country continued to have a place in their minds and hearts.

It was not surprising that people of Indian origin have integrated themselves fully with their adopted lands while keeping “the Indian-ness alive in themselves” despite imbibing the language, food and dress of those countries.

“It appears as if a mini world parliament of Indian origin is gathered in Delhi today,” Modi said, noting persons of Indian origin were today Prime Ministers of Mauritius, Portugal and Ireland.

In an apparent dig at China, Modi said India’s development aid was not based on “give and take model” as New Delhi was not eyeing foreign territories to exploit anyone’s resources.

“Our development aid model is not based on give and take. It is done keeping view the necessities and priorities of those countries. Neither do we intend to exploit there resources nor do we eye their territories. Our focus is on building our own capacities and developing our own resources,” Modi said.

India has been strongly objecting to Chinese investments in Pakistan-administered Kashmir where Beijing is constructing roads and power projects with an estimated investment of $46 billion into a proposed economic corridor that passes through the disputed territory. (IANS)


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