When Shilpa Shetty nailed Shirshasana despite cervical spondylosis

Shilpa Shetty (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai– Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on Monday motivated fans with an account of how she nailed the Shirshasana, or yoga headstand, despite suffering from cervical spondylosis three years ago.

The actress shared a video on her verified Twitter account where she can be seen performing the Shirshasana effortlessly.

Shilpa recalled: “I first tried the Shirshasana, or the Headstand, almost 3 years ago with a bit of fear as I was told I wouldn’t be able to since I suffered with cervical spondylosis. Started out late, but I made it my personal goal to attempt it with consistency & faith
and the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. It took me a few months to accomplish the mission I was on but nailed it nevertheless. Ever since, I practice this asana to sustain this accomplishment, no matter what happens.”

Sharing the benefits of the asana, Shilpa further wrote: “Three years later, it still makes me extremely happy to know that I can manage to perform and record myself performing the Shirshasana all by myself. This asana helps increase blood supply to the head, therefore, it is beneficial for the brain’s functioning and for all sensory organs in the head (eyes, ears, etc.) It also improves focus and ability to concentrate, while it regulates the functioning of all the systems of the body. So, guys… the motivation here is, it’s never too late to start.”

The actress, who is known for her penchant for yoga, also asked fans to share which yoga asana they have perfected through practice.

Shilpa keeps encouraging netizens to take up yoga with videos that she occasionally posts on her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts every Monday with the hashtag #MondayMotivation. (IANS)


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