“Trees Make Happiness” Art Installation Opens at Boston Children’s Museum

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BOSTON–Boston Children’s Museum will open the “Trees Make Happiness” exhibit on Friday, March 11. The exhibit will showcase artwork created by the members of the “Art Thinking” project team at Tohoku University of Art & Design in Japan.

Art Thinking is a research project about art-based learning that Minatsu Ariga and her team started in Tohoku, Japan. The project asks “How do we use art in our life?” By using Dr. Howard Gardner’s multi-intelligence theory, Art Thinking explores art as a way for children and adults to develop their imaginations, problem solving skills, capacity for creating tangible out of intangibles, and resiliency by finding positive means of expression when faced with a challenge.

Mog and friends“木は幸せを作るTrees Make Happiness” connects art and ecology, using trees as the medium to inspire the viewer to think about the connection between happiness and nature. This exhibit encourages Museum visitors to discover how they define happiness and their connections to trees and nature around them.

The artwork was created by the members of the “Art Thinking” project team at Tohoku University of Art & Design in Japan. After the devastating earthquake and tsunami in their hometown in March 2011, they decided to use the special power of art to make the world a better place and connect with many friends. They brought this exhibition to Boston as their third annual international friendship making project.

“The hope is that this exhibition also brings opportunities for Museum visitors to peek into today’s youth culture and children’s experiences in Japan,” said Akemi Chayama, Japan Program Manager. “They are encouraged to make comparisons, connections, and then share their own stories. Through this type of cross-cultural experience, we hope to spark their curiosity and humanity toward joy of cultural discoveries and foster their appreciation of the world in which we all live.”

The art installation is scheduled to run Friday, March 11 – Monday, September 5, 2016.


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