Harvard Business School Campaign Reaches $925 Million of $1 Billion Goal

Nitin Nohoria
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BOSTON–Harvard Business School has raised $925 million for its capital campaign, nearing its final goal of $1 billion, according to Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria, the Harvard Crimson reported.

Nitin Nohoria
Nitin Nohria

Newspaper said that the business school raised more than $600 million in gifts and pledges during the “quiet phase” of its campaign, which publicly launched in April 2014, and has since raised the remaining $325 million. The Business School’s fundraising effort is part of a University-wide $6.5 billion campaign.

In his annual update, Nohria cited innovation in the MBA program as a priority for funding, along with raising money for endowed associate professor chairs and furthering the development of HBX—the business school’s digital learning platform, according the Harvard Crimson.

“As part of our centennial in 2008 we had a big opportunity to say what the future of the MBA program should look like,” Harvard Crimson quoted Nohria as saying. “I was involved in the task force that came out of that, and we came up with this very simple framework that leadership development is about knowing, doing, and being.”



  1. They need to pay taxes to the city/state and community. Plain and simple, don’t hide behind the non profit curtain with Faust sitting on a pile of dinero.


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