The flavours of Kerala

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New Delhi– Tamasha brings you a wholesome culinary experience this summer with talented chefs all the way from Kerala. This one-of-a-kind festival will introduce you to Kerala’s rich culture through exciting appetisers such as Kozhi porichathu Travancore style fried chicken and plump prawns chemmeen ularthu kizhi cooked in banana leaf parcels, which will be available from the 8th to the 17th of April at Tamasha, Connaught Place.

This festival at Tamasha incorporates Kerala culture by serving vegetarian, chicken, and lamb delicacies such as Prawn Vallakaran Chatti Curry, which is prawns cooked in the fisherman style with spices and served in a traditional terracotta ‘chatti’ casserole, or the mild flavorful Moilee served with an option of fish or prawns. Enjoy the authentic flavours of the famed Kozhi Mutta roast and Kerala egg roast, which are served with lacy rice appam and will make you feel like you’re in Kerala!

Banana leaf fish with Curry & Chicken Wing Roast

Enjoy Kerala’s signature seafood platter for two, which includes kariveppilla fish finger, Tawa grilled fish, batter-fried squid, mussels peera, and prawns. The classic Thalasseri biryanis and crisp flaky Malabar parathas served with a fish gravy and rice are must-orders that you should not pass up.

Jaideep Singh Anand and Gundeep Singh Anand, Founders, Tamasha, said, “At Tamasha, it is our aim to create authentic gastronomic experiences for all. We are excited to host this food festival which introduces everyone to the diverse culture of Kerala. We look forward to creating many such new experiences and experimenting with interesting food ideas. ”

Kalonji Mutton kebabs

Their must-try festival delicacies include banana leaf fish with curry, Malabari chicken Kuruma, Kalonji Mutton kebabs, chicken wing roast, and don’t forget to get some dessert on your platter to end the Food Festival on a sweet note; their best dessert of all was Tender Coconut Pudding, which will make you fall in love with coconut.

Tamasha’s goal with this festival is to highlight Kerala’s rich food culture, which makes it an ideal destination for adventurous gourmet experiences. (IANS)



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