Shreya Ghoshal: I urge everyone to meet people only if unavoidable

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Mumbai– Singer Shreya Ghoshal on Friday urged people to stay at home at a time when India is struggling to contain a raging second wave of Covid-19 and witnessing a large number of deaths daily.

“God please give us the strength to cope with the tragedies that is surrounding us. I urge everyone to ensure you meet people only if unavoidable. Wear masks properly (very important) and if possible the proper N95 masks. One mistake can cost your life. #CoronaSecondWave,” Shreya wrote on Twitter.

A total of 3,32,730 Covid cases were recorded over the past 24 hours, according to health ministry data released on Friday. Also, India registered over 2,000 daily deaths for the third consecutive day.

Commenting on Shreya’s tweet, netizens expressed concern, asking the singer, who is expecting her first baby, to take good care of herself.

In the first week of March this year, Shreya had announced her pregnancy along with a picture of her baby bump on social media. (IANS)


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