Sharvi Yadav recorded song using voice notes during lockdown

Sharvi Yadav
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Mumbai– Singer Sharvi Yadav has opened up on her experience of recording her latest song via video chatting and voice notes during lockdown last year.

The song is a Holi special number, “Babuni tere rang me”, and Sharvi has collaborated with composers Salim-Sulaiman. The peppy dance number has also been sung by Bhojpuri cinema superstar Pawan Singh and features him alongside Tridha Chaudhury.

Recalling her experience of recording the song, Sharvi said: “I was called by Salim Sir to sing a Holi song and I was so ecstatic since I’ve always been a Salim-Sulaiman fan. I was in Delhi and Salim Sulaiman in Mumbai because of lockdown, so we decided to do a recording from home. We would exchange voice notes and do it via video chats. It was such a different experience but we had such an incredible time. I later came to Mumbai and we did the final dub for ‘Babuni tere rang mein’ and we had a blast!”

“Babuni tere rang mein” released on March 15 and has been getting a good response, reveals composer Salim Merchant.

He said: “One should dare to explore all the genres. This was something unique, fresh, also trendy. I am super delighted to see the response on YouTube. It’s trending each day and the views are increasing as Holi approaches. We had so much fun making this video with Pawan Singh and Tridha Chaudhury with beautiful vocals by Sharvi Yadav and Pawan Singh! Sharvi’s powerful vocals add beautiful colour to Babuni and gives a very cool edge to the song.”

The song is available on the official YouTube channel of Salim-Sulaiman. (IANS)



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