Neha Bhasin: I was asked to get off stage because I was wearing shorts

Neha Bhasin
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Mumbai– Singer Neha Bhasin has spoken about the time when she was asked to get off stage because she was wearing shorts. She opened up about the incident in the wake of an emotional moment she experienced on the set of the reality show, Indian Pro Music League, where she performed recently. The singer received a standing ovation on the show after she sang “Aisa jaadu daala re”.

Neha, who has sung about issues such as being slut-shamed and cyber-bullied, says in contrast to the earlier incident, she felt accepted on seeing the warm audience reaction at the reality show.

“When systematically you have been dismissed because of the way your society works for years, there are people who start believing in that conversation. They start believing that maybe this is how things work. But for me, it just fuelled my hunger further. It fuelled my hunger to make it and make it in the way I want it to be. I remember the time when I was asked to get off the stage because I was wearing shorts. But this time I was accepted in totality. Earlier, I wanted to bring such a powerful performance to stage but couldn’t and today everyone accepted me irrespective of what I was wearing. It gave me immense joy,” Neha told IANS.

The singer had also put up a post on Instagram on Wednesday, after she had finished shooting for the episode. Captioning the picture, Neha wrote: “The length of a woman’s dreams cannot be measured by her clothes, her body, forced pretentious morality. Her dreams are pure and seamless like the deep blue sky.” Some of the comments under Neha’s post bear testimony to the fact that the thought process of the country is changing for the better.”

The episode featuring Neha’s performance will air on Sunday. (IANS)


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