Kailash Kher: Mumbai will remain my ‘mashuka’ for life

Kailash Kher
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Mumbai– Singer Kailash Kher has professed his love for Mumbai, recalling how his talent was recognised in the city.

“Since childhood we’ve heard people say if you get what you are passionate about, your life is successful. My passion has always been singing which got acknowledged here in Mumbai. I became Kailasa here, even my first album and jingle got released and got popular in Mumbai,” said Kher, on Indian Pro Music League.

The singer also recalled how musician Ram Sampath asked him to stay back in the initial stage of his career, as he felt the city needed him.

“The first compliment I ever received was at a recording studio from Ram Sampath, who was literally taken aback when he heard me. He said that I had a wow factor in my voice to which I was a little hesitant, since I’ve been trolled a lot and I thought that even he was probably pulling my leg,” he said.

Kher added: “But he convinced me and said that Mumbai needed me very badly because according to him there was a vacuum of this kind of voice. When I got that compliment from him, I knew God had heard my prayers. This happened in Mumbai, and for me this city will remain my ‘mashuka’ and ‘my ishq’ for the rest of my life,” he said.

Indian Pro Music League airs on Zee TV.(IANS)


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