Sameera Reddy on life lessons kids learn through equal parenting

Sameera Reddy
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Sameera Reddy never fails to delight us on her social media with a sneak-peek into her parenting world. The mom-of-two believes in the power of both parents sharing equal responsibility when it comes to raising their children and understanding how it shapes their personality, growth and development.

Today, more and more parents believe in the importance of being equally involved and Sameera vouches for the positive impact on their holistic development.

“In our household, we ensure we contribute equally to our kids’ well-being, meet their needs and spend quality time with them. Kids are very observant and just by watching us; they imbibe social, cognitive and behavioural values that groom them as human beings. As parents, it’s important to be good role models and through our actions, bring out the best in our little ones!” shared Sameera.

As an outspoken mom, Sameera has always gone the extra mile when it comes to lending her voice on important topics, be it motherhood, ageing or family connections. The celebrity recently took to Instagram to open up about equal parenting, and how it goes a long way in bringing up children in a loving environment.

Children always look up to parents for comfort, love, support and direction. They want to be like us, do what we do and learn the most from us as they notice every little thing. This means, we as parents have a responsibility to teach them important values like teamwork, togetherness, love, kindness and respect by parenting as equals.

Equal involvement from both parents shows the child that sharing is caring. “When we take turns to drop the children to school or their classes, our children learn that they are never alone. If either one of us is unavailable, the other one takes up that responsibility, demonstrating to our children how important it is to have the other’s back,” shared Sameera.

“The other thing kids learn from equal parenting is how crucial teamwork is to success. The family is one soul, which works together as a team – these principles prepare our children for life’s challenges,” she added.

As children grow up, we shape them in the best of our values and hope that they carry them forward along with their own learning experiences. “Your kids will come to appreciate your teachings and help them when they grow up. However, I truly believe that with equal parenting, we are preparing our children to become kind-hearted and responsible adults who can conquer any situation in their lives.”

Joining the Pampers #ItTakes2 movement in support of equal parenting, Sameera penned a lovely caption which read, “I loved this ‘It Takes 2’ video because the new generation of parenting wherein the dads of today feel so connected, and want to participate in all aspects of the journey is something that really resonated with me, and I wanted to share this with you. Right from day 1, Akshai, my husband has been such an integral part of Hans and Nyra’s birth! He is an amazing hands-on hubby and a super father! I thought changing diapers would be challenging initially, but Pampers has made it such a breeze for both my baby and me. Nothing gives me more joy than being with Akshai and both my kids in the most beautiful phase of my life, Motherhood.”

“For us, #ItTakes2 to raise and nurture a child and it is important for a father to be an equal partner contributing towards his child’s growth and development. I am also proud to be joining hands with Pampers in its vision of caring for the healthy, happy development of every baby,” she said. (IANS)


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