Rain & Chai spell Love

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New Delhi– The monsoon is a time when pakoras and masala chai are a match made in heaven. A hot cup of masala chai on a rainy day is all one craves to soothe the nerves and indulge in the mystical season of droplets.

A flavoursome boost to the monsoon tea experience, extending promising & exceptional flavours, VAHDAM India creates an authentic Masala tea experience with pure and premium leaf teas.

The brands Chain Teas have bold Assam black teas blended with fresh, aromatic spices and real ingredients like Cardamom pods, Cinnamon, Cloves, Tusli, Fennel, Ginger, Black Pepper and more. A superior cup of tea with bolder freshness, flavour and aroma. These are available in both loose-leaf and pyramid-tea bags for unrivalled ease of use.

India’s Original Masala Chai – Loose Leaf

An iconic, traditional Indian blend of signature Assam CTC with a myriad of aromatic Indian spices – Cardamom pods, Cinnamon, Cloves & Black Pepper. Rs. 249 for 100 grams

Kashmiri Kahwa Masala Chai – Loose Leaf

Kahwa is a traditional tea from the eternally beautiful land of Kashmir. This traditional blend features the finest green tea blend combined with rich spices like cardamom and cinnamon; premium almonds and the prized ingredient, a popular aphrodisiac – ‘Saffron’ which gives this tea a rich color and a unique discernible flavour. A tea fit for any celebration and occasion.

Earl Grey Masala Chai – Loose Leaf

100 percent Natural Assam Tea blended with Bergamot Extracts, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves & Black Pepper.

Sweet Cinnamon Masala Chai – Tea Bag

Signature chai blend of robust, flavourful Assam black tea with the splendid, discernible flavours of freshly crushed cardamom and cinnamon. The malty flavour of bold Assam teas with the sweetness of cinnamon and hints of cardamom in the background to balance the brew- altogether a joyous experience! A smooth cup of tea with the right hint of tanginess to give you a refreshing and delectable cup of tea! Packed in pyramid tea bags for full infusion, flavour and quality.

Cardamom Masala Chai – Tea Bag

A classic Indian Masala Chai version of a robust Assam CTC black tea blended with cardamom pods. Packed in pyramid tea bags for full infusion, flavour and quality.

Products can be bought online on https://www.vahdamteas.in/ for delivery pan-India. (IANS)


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