Mithila Palkar shares her monsoon skincare tips

Mithila Palkar
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– As monsoon brings a much-needed respite from summer heat, the humidity does start to play on our skin, calling for a much-needed change in our skin care routine too. Multi-faceted actress Mithila Palkar, who has always been adored by her fans for her glowing, make-up free skin has been owning her monsoon skincare rituals this season. She recently took to Instagram to share some awe-inspiring tips with her fans.

She said, “Being a Mumbaikar, monsoons are my all-time favourite season – a time for enjoying hot pakoras with masala chai to the sound of the rain. But as the weather changes, so does my skin, making my skincare routine even more important.”

During the monsoons, a well-planned skincare regime with the right balance of skin-gredients is key.

Giving us glow-goals, she added, “For that inside-out glow, I exercise, stay hydrated through the day and eat a balanced diet with greens, nuts and fresh fruits too. I also avoid touching my skin as it can cause irritation and I always ensure I apply skincare products to a clean face with clean hands.”

Mithila adds, “Got my hands on the Olay Power Duo and let me tell you, the results have been just amazing. I start with Luminous that easily absorbs into my skin, reduces dark spots and gives it a dewy glow. I follow it up with Regenerist Whip, a super hydrating light-weight matte-based moisturizer with SPF 30, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid & pentapeptides for a plump, nourished finish.”

Mithila is also particular about her night-time skincare regime and shares a few tips she practices before bed. “To end my day, I use a Retinol-based moisturizer, wind down with my favorite book and ensure I get my 8 hours of sleep.”

Sharing how Retinol is her new favorite beauty sleep in a jar, she adds, “The Olay Retinol Night Serum is something that I gravitate towards. It is lightweight in texture and leaves my skin looking plump & bouncy the next morning.”

Ending on a sweet note, she shares, “These simple steps ensure my skin receives the right amount of nutrients and stays glowing, dewy, and refreshed all day long.” (IANS)



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