Minimal skincare for men

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New Delhi– When it comes to skincare, most men prefer to keep things as simple as possible. Men, on the other hand, are becoming more interested in self-care as time passes. Some simple changes are recommended that aren’t taxing and produce long-term results.

Men’s skin is typically oily and hard, and it is constantly exposed to external factors such as pollution and sunlight. It also faces difficulties as a result of poor sleep habits, stress, and a poor diet. Oily, dry, normal, sensitive, or combination skin all necessitate a unique set of products to address your concerns.


This is the most important requirement for combating pollution and oil leakage. The first step of the day is to cleanse your face with a cleanser. It’s also simple to understand. Simply washing your face with a cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, helps to remove impurities. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type will assist you in unclogging your pores and preventing acne. AHA-BHA facewash is recommended for oily skin.


Men’s skin takes a beating over time. This is caused by chemicals found in air pollution, cigarette smoke, and UV rays. It is then critical to hydrate your skin. A serum with active ingredients, applied before a moisturiser, aids in skin repair. Instead of excessively moisturising, hydrate, minimise, and maintain the skin’s protective barrier. The serum should be chosen based on the issue you are dealing with.


Sunscreen should be used as part of every morning skincare routine before going outside. It is the final step in skincare. Non-sticky gel-based sunscreens should be suitable for daily use.The most important thing to remember here is that sunscreen should be applied even if we aren’t going outside because it protects us from the UV rays emitted by our screens. If you are constantly exposed to the sun, you should apply sunscreen every three hours.

Men can also use an anti-oxidant serum or a pigmentation serum to address their concerns if they are constantly exposed to pollution, smoke, and so on. This should be done either before or after hydration, depending on the serum’s consistency. It is recommended that a serum with a thinner consistency be used first. Aside from that, men should use a non-sticky, non-comedogenic moisturiser before applying sunscreen.

Always be aware of your skin type and make purchases accordingly. The same steps can be followed, but the products will differ. (IANS)



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