MindGym Initiative to host talk and workshop on Yoga & Mindfulness in Chelmsford

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CHELMSFORD, MA– MindGym Initiative, a nonprofit initiative focused on creating awareness about Mindful thinking amongst the younger generation using a contemporary narrative to demystify mindfulness, is organizing an informal talk and workshop on Yoga & Mindfulness on the occasion of International Yoga day. The group will explore six levels of Yoga that map into the eight limbs of Asthanga Yoga.

For more information and free registration, visit:  http://www.thoughtunboxed.com/yoga-mindfulness/#


Chelmsford Main Library

McCarthy Meeting Room

21st June (Wed) 6:30-8:00 PM.

Level One: This is the ground level of real existence. Often time the activities at this level are set as rules. In our practice these activities will be seen as something that one would grow into. These actives are indeed important because this is the real result and fruit of the transformation. This level spans the first two limbs of Yoga.

Level Two: The transformation process starts with postures that build awareness of the body and one can start letting-go of thoughts by focusing on the body during the exercises, which also have a side effect of reducing physical aliments.

Level Three:  The next level is of breathing exercises, which increases the flow of “Prana” or life force in the body. The body is energized with these exercises that go beyond just hyper oxygenating the body.

Level Four: The next step is actually a ‘stage’ more than a step. It is a gating stage where one’s attention is drawn inside naturally.  The attention that had wandered outside starts settling down – people start feeling more peaceful and sitting quietly does not seem like a chore.

Level Five: This is the Mediation Practice. There are actually two steps as part of the meditation practice which maps to two limbs of Yoga. The core of the practice is to build the mind muscles to not get entangled to random thoughts. We do not have control on the rising of these thoughts (at least not yet), but we can practice to not get entangled in them.

Level Six: This level is to observe the evolution of the ‘gap’ between thoughts in the meditation practice. We will not get too fixated with it; rather observe lightly as the transformation progresses.



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