How to maintain shine of jewelery

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New Delhi– Avoid wearing jewellery to shower, in the pool or during any activity in contact with water, and also keep perfumes, harsh cosmetics and make-up away from your jewellery pieces, say experts.

Subhash Naheta, Chairman at Jaipur Jewels, lists down some tips to keep in mind:

* Use an eraser to wipe off the marks on gold, jadau and polki jewellery. It is not a good method to clean your jewellery with water as the humidity tends to rust the jewellery.

* Use a mild glass cleanser to clean your diamond and other stone jewellery pieces. To avoid scratches while cleaning, use a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt particles. Use baking soda powder with one tablespoon of water to remove the grim. After all the cleaning is done, use a linen cloth to wipe the jewellery dry.

* Professional cleaning and polishing process to the daily wear pieces once a year is also recommended. Also, one should annually get their jewellery checked to ensure the settings and mountings.

Celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali, who has Farah Khan Fine Jewellery, says jewellery should be kept in a cool and dry place.

“Pearls must be prevented from soap water or perfumes. Jewellery should not be bent, it should be placed flat on a soft fabric to avoid scratches,” she added. (IANS)


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