Lasya School of Dance Celebrates 15th Anniversary and its 120 Students Participate in Dance Performance

Sapna Krishnan
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By Nagendra Rao

SHREWSBURY, MA– Lasya School of Dance, which was founded by Sapna Krishnan in 2004, recently held its annual event and celebrated its 15th anniversary. Students, parents and friends all joined together to celebrate with Guru Smt. Sapna Krishnan.

In 2004, Sapna Krishnan founded her Bharatanatyam dance school “Lasya School of Dance” in

Shrewsbury, MA with a focus to impart the knowledge of Indian classical dance, promote awareness of Indian culture and arts among dance enthusiasts and students and encourage them to express themselves through the classical dance style of Bharatanatyam.

During the span of 15 years, 30 students of the school have performed their Arangetrams, organized more than seven fundraisers in the New England area for various charitable organizations with different dance productions.

The Annual Day event began with an invocation dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, in the form of a Ganesha Pancharatnam. A variety of performances followed afterwards, including performances dedicated to the vibrant Lord Shiva, the benevolent Lord Vishnu, Goddess Devi, and many more.

One of the highlights of the whole event was when the new batch of very young students performed a charming set of shlokas that brought the house down with a well-coordinated adorable performance. Additionally, there were a couple of semiclassical performances as well, which added a refreshing touch to the whole repertoire.

Snacks and beverages were sold at the event, all proceeds were donated to benefit Sai Gurusthan, the local Sai Baba temple in Northborough. The program included about 35 dances of artistic splendor where various age groups, from small children to adults, performed in front of the highly engaged and rapturous audience.

It was three hours delightful dance program by 120 students of the dance school. Parent volunteers, as usual, all came together for taking care of the stage and venue decorations and backstage management.

The day proved to be very exciting and motivating for all the Lasya school students and parents which was obvious in the atmosphere, and it was apparent how the love for this ancient art form brought everyone together to enjoy the special performances by the students.


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