Kapil Sharma is back, and how

Kapil Sharma
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By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai– So he is back, after all. The naysayers and party-poopers are biting their nails. To his credit, Kapil Sharma has adopted a completely new format for his comeback, and viewers don’t get to see even a shred of the earlier shows, except the sexist quips.

Kapil Sharma

So switch on your television sets again because Kapil Sharma is back.

“Family Time With Kapil”, which kick-started on Sony Entertainment on Sunday evening, is fun to watch… If you like game shows where people, who would normally not be caught doing such things, are seen balancing playing-balls between their derriere.

The tempo was preserved to the end, and Kapil’s old colleagues Kiku Sharda and Chandan Prabhakar provided able support. No one missed the spoilsports from Kapil’s earlier shows who have chosen to their separate way. And yes, Navjot Singh Sidhu was also back on the show, though I am not very sure what his function would be this time.

Sidhu did get his judge’s chair, though. Old habits die hard. And who knows this better than Kapil?

But who cares? As Kapil said at the start, “Game toh ek bahana hai, har family ko saath jutana hai. (The game is just an excuse, the idea is to bring families together.)”

There were digs galore about Kapil’s mishaps during the past year, and Sidhu even slipped in a dig about the comedian’s flopped big-screen plans.

I had fun watching Kapil’s comeback timing. I can see families switching on to the show, for no better reason except to see Kapil act naughty. At one point, he asked a member of the audience why he didn’t bring his wife on the show.

“Insha Allah agli baar aapke liye laaonga biwi ko,” said the over-enthusiastic guest.

“Aapki biwi aapko mubarak ho,” Kapil remarked.

No offence meant. Let the fun begin. Even Ajay Devgn, who came on the show, seemed to enjoy himself.

Three stars for this one. (IANS)




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