Importance of National Housewife’s Day

Shubhangi Atre
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Mumbai–Actress Shubhangi Atre shares her perspective on National Housewife’s Day that is observed on November 3. The day is celebrated to honour those mothers and housewives who stay at home and take care of their family.

Shubhangi who is known for her role of ‘Angoori bhabhi’ in the show ‘Bhabi ji Ghar Par Hain’ and ‘Kasturi Chawla’ in ‘Kasturi’ opens up about the relevance of this day and how much responsibilities a homemaker has to carry to run the family.

She says: “I feel housewife is not an identity, it is an emotion. When a girl gets married to a man she becomes responsible for the house. And no doubt whatever the financial condition is she rules it like a queen, and the house is her kingdom. There is a myth that working women are not good housewives. But I am working myself; I feel equally responsible towards my house, my duties. I cook for my family; I care to check if everything is proper, clean, and available in my house. I feel equally devoted.”

She further says that even working women can perform their duties well professionally as well as personally.

“A large section of people have this misconception that a married girl can only be a good housewife if she is not working and dedicating them completely by taking care of household work. But I don’t agree with that. A working woman is also a housewife as she responsibly handles her house as she handles her work,” she adds.

“When people say once you become a housewife your career is over I feel amazed. I am somebody who got married and became a housewife and then later started my career as an actress. Fortunately, the success I am enjoying is all because of what I got to learn as a housewife. With these, I would just like to add that housewives deserve to be celebrated every day,” she concludes. (IANS)



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