Grab your favourite theme on this New Year Party

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By Olivia Sarkar

New Delhi– If you are planning to gather at home for this New Year, so party out in a Theme way by having great ideas for the Themed New Year Party.

90’s Theme

A 90’s theme is a lot of fun, and it’s risen in popularity as the generation has seen some of our favourite show like Friends make a reappearance. For added realism, guests dress up as their favourite characters. To create the ambience, we can integrate colourful 90’s decor such as paint Graffiti style backdrops, iconic 90’s prop hire such as Giant Phones, CD’s, and Play Stations.

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Back to School Theme

We’ve all felt like kids under lockdown during the summer vacation, so why not throw a Back to School Party? Invite your guests to come dressed as students in old school uniforms and ties. Create a Tuck Shop for snacks and drinks, as well as an eating room in the style of a school canteen. Drinks might be presented in little milk bottles, and once the bell rings, everyone will enjoy the games set up in the room!

Harry Potter Theme

Kids and adults alike are looking forward to their visit to the Harry Potter Experience, and even after more than two decades, this book and film still does not disappoint as a live event? Brick wall entrances with the 9 and 34 sign, a game of Quidditch for team-building, magic book entrances, fireplace props, and areas that appear like libraries might all be inspired by a Harry Potter-themed event. Floating candles might make for beautiful ceiling d�cor, and rustic seats and chairs can lend authenticity to your dinner gathering!

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Hollywood Theme

Lights, Camera, Action! The beauty and glamour of black tie and ball gowns are the focus of this red carpet theme. A Hollywood A-list gathering with paparazzi cameras and an awards dinner is always a hit. With golden statues and winners giving speeches and having their photos taken against a winners backdrop. There are so many film-related props to pick from for a classic Hollywood theme night, including clapper boards, movie cameras, movie reels, and fil posters of your favourite films!

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Outdoor BBQ Theme

During the holiday season, who doesn’t think about barbeques? However, this motif works well in a variety of settings, including outdoor spaces, beer gardens, and gardens, as well as inside locations. Include intriguing outdoor seating such as deck chairs, sun loungers, hammocks, and bean bags to create a relaxing atmosphere. Serve beverages from an Aperol Spritz bar, which is really fashionable right now. A BBQ themed event exudes a laid-back attitude while also serving as a terrific networking opportunity.

Bollywood Theme

For its music, dance, brilliant colours, and most importantly, food that lends itself to formal dining or street food, a Bollywood themed party has been a popular choice. With a Bollywood theme, everything is bright and colourful. Reds, blues, pinks, purple, and gold all work well in an Indian setting. To add to the effect, use mood lighting in these colours. In seating, we like to use low seating, Indian rugs, and brightly coloured cushions. Dhol drummers, Bollywood dancers, and henna artists all contribute to the theme’s entertainment value.

Neon Theme

Neon Lights, Neon Signs, and Neon Paint scream out a cool and urban Funky Neon Theme. Graffiti walls, slinky ceilings, and plenty of neon bulb signs may be used to create this anywhere, but it looks most good in warehouse-type venues, pubs, and clubs. This theme’s laid-back vibe will be adored by all.

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