For the First Time Boston to Host India Day Parade With 15 Floats

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BOSTON—For the first time ever, Boston will host India Day Parade with about 15 floats on Aug. 13 to observe 75 years of India’s Independence, which falls on Aug. 15, organizers of the event said in a statement.

Floats, whose themes will range from contribution of Indian Community, Freedom Fighters from India and USA, Service, Art and Culture, will be held from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, covering 0.7 miles.  The floats will starts at 641 Lewis Wharf in Boston and will conclude at Christopher Columbus Park at 110 Atlantic Avenue in Boston, the statement said.


Families register at: . Groups register at: for participating in the parade.  All registered people will be issued a tag upon arrival.


  • Families and groups participating in the parade first up their registration tag at Christopher Columbus Park (people only watching the parade from the sidewalk need not register).
  • The parade shall be flagged off from 641 Lewis Wharf around 10 AM. It will have marchers from 30 groups who will perform in between the floats all along the 0.7 mile long route.
  • The parade will conclude at Christopher Columbus Park on the waterfront around noon. There will be flag hoisting for USA and India flags.  There will be a fly-past of one of the longest Indian flags (220 ft). There will be a freedom gallery of USA and India freedom fighters.  There will be photo opportunities at this historic occasion and site.  The program will conclude around 2:00 pm.


Bring them and let them be proud of their heritage and values.  Inspire them to achieve even greater success than the first generation and above all be a good citizen.


Senior citizens are specially invited to witness and bless this occasion.  If they find it hard to walk the 0.7 mile distance, they can watch from the sidewalk and attend the flag hoisting in the historic and beautiful waterfront Christopher Columbus Park across from the Quincy Hall.


There will be marchers and performers from Veteran’s groups and people of other heritage in the parade to express their goodwill toward India and people from India.


Closest T station is AQUARIUM (only 200 ft from the Park) on Blue line.  The STATE, GOVT. CENTER, HAYMARKET stations are within 1/2 mile from the Parade route.  You can buy Charlie ticket with a credit card at any T station and transfer among different lines without buying another ticket.  The value of a Charlie ticket can be entered when you buy it at a self service machine outside any T station.  A trip within the T system costs $2.40.  If you are coming by car, you will find many public parking garages but they can be expensive (since it is Boston downtown area), so you can car-pool to save money.


Indian clothes for the parade participants (white color may be preferable).


There will be some food.  But due to uncertainty of numbers, it is best to bring your own sandwich or go across the street to QUINCY MARKET/Fanueil Hall which has over 50 food kiosks of all types of food and is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Boston.


This parade is being organized under the supervision of Boston Police department.  Honor them, cooperate with them and follow their instructions.


The event is organized by Federation of India Associations-New England) and many co-sponsors are organizing this event.

CONTACTS: Sponsorships: 339-221-1181, 508-810-2291, 781-608-0879

Parade Info: 603-560-5391(Brij); 774-287-1086, 508-298-9596, 612-877-2703

Cultural Program: 301-580-0986, 804-931-2269, 508-424-8117, 781-696-3229.


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