Finding A Great Venue for Your Showstopper Wedding


Much like the ceremony itself, a good venue is the cornerstone of any memorable wedding. But choosing the right venue for your dream wedding comes with a whole lot of questions! To help you find the answers, INDIA New England talked to David Bransfield from the Hilton Hotel Woburn in Woburn, MA all about finding a great venue.

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INDIA New England News: How do you prepare to work with a client on looking for a venue for a wedding? What are the things that you need to know before you start your work with a client?

David Bransfield: I always like to learn more about the anticipated celebration as a whole. The fun thing about our South Asian clients is that no celebration is the same, and rather unique to their culture, but also to their wants. It is important to have a full understanding of what the deliverable expectations are for their personalized celebration. More often than not, packages & accommodations are customized to the individual couple each & every time.

INE: When would you recommend that your clients start looking for a venue for their wedding? On average, how long does this process take for your clients?

DB: I would recommend beginning your planning at least 8 months in advance… the latest J. This would allow plenty of time to secure a venue date, and each one of the participating vendors. Too, you can continue to enjoy the process of planning your celebration while still making picky decisions when securing your vendors.

The confirmation timeline is a variable at best. More often, the time is either hurried, or slow moving to confirm pending how much time there is from the anticipated celebration date.


INE: Over the last decade, what have you seen in terms of changes in the way the South Asian and Indian communities have weddings?

DB: More often, I am finding couples stray from the traditional.  We are still hosting various celebrations from Sangeet, Garba, Baraat, and the final ceremonies & receptions.  However, baraat’s have become shorter, Sangeet night more casual, and each celebration features unique customizations sourced from our area vendors that are personalized to each couple. More so now our Bride & Groom are calling the shots, which is why customs & traditions are still happening, but in a more modern way.

INE: What do you want potential couples to know about before they book a venue?

DB: While you have likely attended a wedding in the past, or assisted a friend in details of their own, this is probably your first time seeking a venue for an event you are hosting. Be sure to ask questions! An experienced hotel/venue representative will anticipate your questions before you have the chance to ask during a call, or at the hotel/venue while you are touring.  However, the best decision is an informed decision!

INE: What advice would you give couples looking for a wedding venue?

DB: What is most important to you when it comes to your Big Day?!  When you know the answer to this question, make sure in some capacity this is provided to you. Plan accordingly so that what is most important to you on your special day is received. The answer here is going to be different for each & every couple!


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