Top Rated Indian Restaurant Nirvana The Taste of India Joins the 2020 Spring Wedding Expo

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A restaurant that has featured on INDIA New England’s Top Indian Restaurants of 2019, Nirvana The Taste of India has joined the 2020 Spring Wedding Expo as an exhibitor. Based in Cambridge, MA, Nirvana The Taste of India provides quality food to the community and a modern décor. We talked about the ins and outs of catering for wedding events with them.

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First things first, how do they prepare for a catering client?

“First, we do food tasting for our clients. We sit together with our client to fix the menu, [and] we present our service planning. After we decide everything we visit the venue with the client,” said Barsa from Nirvana The Taste of India.

How early do they recommend starting their catering search?

“We recommend our clients start choosing the food a month in advance and finalize the menu, and 1 week to start the process.”

On accommodating dietary restrictions, they had this to say: “We provide authentic cuisine, but if they want to make a change in the food we are flexible and accommodate their request. We are very concerned about the client’s requests. We always keep dietary restrictions and allergies on the mind. If they make any particular request, they want to exclude from their food we always accommodate that. Before choosing the menu, make sure you know their guest have any dietary restriction, and always fix the menu accordingly.”

Nirvana The Taste of India provides classic dishes as well as special items at their location on 1680 Mass Ave. in Cambridge, MA.



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