Don’t let your periods come in the way of sports or fitness

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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Staying fit has become an integral part of our life. Fitness either in the form of sports or workouts is being taken up by a lot of people, especially girls. For young athletes who love being active, menstruation might become a barrier for them to pursue everyday sports.

Menstruation is still considered a taboo in our society; it is said that one-fourth of girls around the world drop out of sports during the adolescent period because of the onset of mensuration.

To overcome this, adidas has come up with its first-period sportswear — TechFit Period Proof Tights so that girls can stay in play. Made up of New Flow Shield Technology which is a set of absorbent layers, the product is designed to refrain from any leakage. An invisible layer is also attached to give the wearer maximum protection from any leakage.

Kim Buereger, Senior Product Manager, adidas tells IANSlife: “Menstruation is one of the key challenges faced by women across fitness and sports field. It is always considered a social and cultural taboo in our society. With evolving time, women are embracing it fearlessly however, fear of leakage is still one of the biggest challenges, till date. Freedom of movement without any barrier and leakage is the major requirement in the field of sports.

“To tackle the issue, adidas conducted a research and found out that teenage girls are dropping out of sport at an alarming rate, with one of the key reasons being fear of period leakage. Using these insights, the brand set out to create a product that helps athletes stay in sport throughout their cycle by giving them an added layer of protection.”

Adds Kim: “After over two years of development and rigorous testing carried out at each stage of the journey, The TechFit period-proof tights were introduced, designed to provide an absorbent layer of protection that will help girls to stay in action while they are menstruating.” (IANS)



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