Condition of conjoined twins from Odisha improves

Odisha's Cranipagus twins after the final separation surgery at AIIMS
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New Delhi– The 28-month-old conjoined twins from Odisha, who underwent an 18-hour surgery for separation at AIIMS here last week, are stable and their condition has further improved, the hospital authorities said on Wednesday.

Out of the two, Jaga, whose condition had deteriorated post surgery, has been taken off the ventilator. He is conscious and recognises the mother, responding to questions.

Odisha’s Cranipagus twins after the final separation surgery at AIIMS

“Jaga’s cardiac and kidney function has further improved. If he remains stable, he will be shifted to private ward after 48 hours,” said a statement from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

A team of 15 consultations and 10 residents are looking after them under the supervision of two professors.

According to the hospital, other child Kalia is still on the ventilator but his condition is stable.

“His parameters are normal. It is expected that he will be kept in ICU for a longer period. 20-30 consultants of various specialised departments are looking after the babies in ICU and providing best possible care,” the statement added. (IANS)



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