Comedy play Raju Raja Ram Aur Mein comes to Boston on Aug. 28

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ANDOVER, MA–Dhoom Entertainment is bringing Raju Raja Ram Aur Mein comedy play to Boston on Aug. 28. The play will start at 5:00 pm at the Collins Center auditorium in Andover, MA.

The cast includes Bollywood actor Sherman Joshi in four distinct roles live on stage, said Eshani Shah, founder and president of Dhoom Entertainment.

Raju Raja Ram Aur Mein-use“We have Known him as Sukhi from Rang De Basanti, Laxman from Golmaal, Rusy from Ferrari Ki Sawari, Raju Rastogi from 3 Idiots, Aditya Deewan from Hate Story 3,” said Shah. “He is a popular actor who has received several nominations in comic roles.”

Raju Raja Ram Aur Mein is a story of mixed- up confusions. It follows the life of Madan Sukhnandani, an old but rich industrialist, his young wife and his loyal yet disloyal personal assistant. Trouble ensues when Madan discovers that his wife is having an affair with his PA. After much chaos, the wife accidentally ends up killing Madan.

Eshani Shah
Eshani Shah

“When comedies are ruling the box office, our Comedy Mogul Sharman Joshi brings us this rib-tickling stage play .The escapades lead to many thrilling situations as they have to contend with trio lookalikes of Mandan Sukhnandani who appear as the film races to its hilarious and crazy climax,” Shah said. “If you enjoy watching plays with a perfect balance of humor and drama, you shouldn’t t miss out on Sharman Joshi’s comeback to theatre.”

Never before in the USA have audiences had the chance to witness one actor playing four different people live on stage in a play, a 4D effect, Shah said.  The Sharman Joshi starrer breaks this new paradigm and gives viewers a rib-tickling treat like never before, she added.

For more information, visit: or call Eshani Shah at (781) 956-5955.


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