Colors, patterns that are ruling lingerie this summer

Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)
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Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)
Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)

New Delhi–Wavy prints, orange, lavenders are ruling lingries this summer season, says an expert.

Suman Chowdhury, chief designer of online lingerie brand Clovia has shared some tips on lingerie colours, which are in trend.

* Beach Vibe: This season is all about the beach vibe with wavy prints, marine textured, animal print, deep sea motif and algae prints are in trend.

* Yellow and orange: Go for glowing yellow or fiery orange lingerie to match the bright sun outside.

* Regular wear: For your comfortable, everyday regulars you can go for lilacs and lavenders with delicate embroidery and soft laces that makes you feel simple yet elegant.

* Camisoles are going to make a comeback this year. Breathable and light, they can also double up as outerwear, but make sure there are no lace or bows.

* Patterns: Scarf-like patterns of swirls and waves and deep sea motifs create a vivid allover print for silky set.


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