Boston Magazine Names Four Indian-Americas Among 150 Most Influential Bostonians

Yamini Rangan (Photo: Linkedin)
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BOSTON—Boston magazine, a monthly magazine covering life in the Greater Boston area and has been in publication since 1805, has named four Indian-Americans among 150 Most Influential Bostonians.

Boston Magazine said that it expanded this year’s list from 100 to 150 people, reflecting the more-diffuse nature of power across the city as the former old boys’ network becomes more diverse and inclusive.

The top 10 most influential Bostonians are:

  1. Maura Healey, Massachusetts Governor
  2. Ayanna Pressley, US Representative
  3. Lee Pelton, President & CEO, The Boston Foundation
  4. John Fish, Chairman & CEO, Suffolk Construction
  5. Bob Rivers, Chairman & CEO, Eastern Bank
  6. Katherine Clark, US Representative
  7. Jim Canales, President, Barr Foundation
  8. Linda Pizzuti Henry, CEO, Boston Globe Media Partners
  9. Michelle Wu, Boston Mayor
  10. Thomas O’Brien, Founding Partners & CEO, HYM Investment Group
Reshma Kewalramani Photo: Vertex website)

Reshma Kewalramani, CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, was ranked # 17.  Boston Magazine said: “The India-born, Boston University–educated Kewalramani was named one of 10 people transforming healthcare by Business Insider—and it’s clear why. She’s entered Vertex into a partnership with CRISPR Therapeutics and says her company could launch new products for five different diseases in the next five years. She’s also working on building a better STEM pipeline with Boston Public Schools.”

Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah, CEO of Wayfair, was named #37. “Twenty years after cofounding Wayfair, Shah is still running the company while remaining a fixture in local business and civic circles. His philanthropic foundation, run by his wife, Jill Shah, has become a major player thanks to its support of local education, nutrition, and mental health initiatives,” Boston Magazine said.



Yamini Rangan (Photo: Linkedin)

Yamini Rangan, Hubspot CEO, was named # 64.  “Named the best CEO for female employees in America by Comparably, Rangan is keeping her customer-relations software company booming, with 33 percent revenue growth last year. More proof of her clout? She convinced Barack Obama to speak in Boston at the company’s Inbound conference. Not bad for just taking over for HubSpot cofounder Brian Halligan less than two years ago,” Boston Magazine said.



Raj Sharma, founder of the Sharma Group, Merrill, was ranked #83. “You need $10 million to get in the door with this Barron’s Hall of Fame wealth adviser, but for just $30, you can get his new book on what to do with your money. His opinions can make waves: When the national discourse turned against ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, Sharma spoke out, telling his fellow advisers to get on the ESG bandwagon or get left behind,” Boston Magazine said.


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