Bookends: Stories of achievement, tips on concentration, Kollyood’s reel world

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New Delhi– Here’s a story of a maverick doctor who founded a rehab and cures those suffering from addictions and behavioural disorders; a son’s inside view into his father’s life which shows how hard work and determination shaped an entrepreneur’s destiny.

Then, a guide that helps you achieve more in less time and obtain a sense of true fulfilment; and finally, the zeal of a cinephile who vividly conjures the fenzied highs and lows of Tamil cinema. Check out the weekend fare the IANS bookshelf has to offer.

Reel World1. Book: White Magic; Author: Arjun Nath; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 284; Price: Rs.399

Land, a rehab centre, is a meeting point for those suffering from a range of addictions and behavioural disorders. The place also holds extraordinary stories of tragedy, fortitude and survival – including that of Doc, as Dr. Yusuf Merchant is known amongst his patients, who founded the rehab.

The book takes you deep inside the world of Land – its rules and rituals, the agony of withdrawal and the moments of lightness. Woven into this personal record of the author, who himself had spent time at the rehab, the book is a tale of the maverick doctor’s several incarnations.

2. Book: Havells The Untold Story of Qimat Rai Gupta; Author: Anil Rai Gupta; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 281; Price: Rs. 599

Starting a journey with just Rs.10,000, Qimat Rai Gupta has left behind a Rs.17,000 crore empire of Havells. From beginning his career as a small trader in Delhi to building Havells, Qimat Rai Gupta (known as QRG) has an inspiring story to tell.

The book is an account of how QRG braved poverty, ill-health, competition, corruption and bureaucracy to turn his dreams into reality.

3. Book: Reel World; Author: Anand Pandian; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 374; Price: Rs. 499

How different are lives in the real and on reel? What happens to life when the real world begins to look and feel so much like the reel one? What about those countless craftsmen who make a movie?

Anand Pandian’s latest book reveals how Tamil cinema comes together and sometimes falls apart – the pitched scripts and rickety sets, the stormy fights and digital marvels, the joy of a hit tune and the heartbreak of a box-office disaster. The book is a moving meditation on the power of film.

4. Book: Deep Work; Author: Cal Newport; Publisher: Piatkus; Pages: 296; Price: Rs. 399

Focussing on work without being distracted is a demanding task. People have lost the ability to understand any work deeply, spending time in a frantic blur of emails and social media.

Cal Newport’s book takes the reader on a journey through memorable stories on how to regain concentration at work. The book will point the way to anyone seeking focussed success in a distracted world.


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