Actor Irrfan may be right: Bollywood not providing intelligent entertainment to youth

Irrfan Khan (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai–Actor Irrfan Khan, who fears that the danger of losing young audiences is lurking over the country’s entertainment world, says commercial Hindi films lack focus when it comes to dealing with important issues.

“In today’s time, storytelling is changing. The young audience is watching Hollywood cinema more and more because we (Bollywood) are not able to provide them intelligent entertainment where the film is not just a time pass, but also has something else about them,” Irrfan told IANS.

Irrfan Khan (Photo: Facebook)
Irrfan Khan (Photo: Facebook)

“Regional cinema is talking about regional issues… It is incorporating those issues which are of people’s concern. But Hindi commercial cinema generalises them… It doesn’t really talk about a specific thing. That’s where it loses its focus,” he added.

Irrfan’s latest release is “Madaari”, which talks about a common man’s ordeal when he loses his son in a tragic incident.

He feels it’s high time filmmakers took more care to offer better content to the audience.

“I think it will be more and more difficult for Indian films to find an audience. Either big films that come with superstars or some family entertainers… Only these kind of films might find an audience. We have the danger to lose the young audience,” said the critically acclaimed actor.

Irrfan, who has worked in international movies like “Life of Pi” and “Jurassic World”, said India could have many more writers.

“In Hollywood, writers are respected much more than in India. They are paid much more and they are secure. We are seeing a change in the Indian film industry as well and I hope we could inspire many more writers and they could get their due and space,” Irrfan said.



  1. Irfan Khan is not alone in talking about steady decline of Bollywood films with respect to theme as well as music. Most financiers, producers, and directors have only one interest–money. Almost all films are copies of Hollywood violence and/or sex-promoting productions. There is very little clean entertainment; comedy is getting filthier. Words and phrases that were NO NO in the presence of our elders are becoming part of daily language. Unless big stars take a stand, there is no hope for any improvement in the quality of story line or lyrics.


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